Q: I cant find my specific make and model on your site?

A: be sure to check both polymer and wood offerings and if your still not sure give us a call.


Q:I see there is a transaction fee on my order, what is this?

A:The transaction fee is a 3% fee the bank charges us to process a card not physically in store. 


Q:I need to have my PFS converted to shoot the opposite hand how can I do this?

A: Any stock that needs conversion must be sent in for a factory trained technician to do so. This process usualy can be done in 1-2 Businness days. 


Q:I am not sure if I am adjusting my tension or removing the set screw, what should I do?

A: If you have any questions regarding the adjustment of your recoil tension please give us a call and we will gladly walk you through the process to prevent unwanted damage and costly repairs.


Q: Should I oil/lubricate my PFS ?

A: The recoil system on your PFS requires no lubrication as this can actually hinder your stock performance and may even result in damage. Light lubrication of the top rod is okay as per your owners manual. 


Q:Can my existing wood stock be modified into a pfs grip. 

A: No. 


Q: I just bought a used PFS can/should I send it in for service. 

A: First off welcome to the team, if you're ever in doubt of the funtion or performance of your stock send it in and out top notch team of technicians will get you back on track. Please be sure to include the repair request form found under the repairs and service tab. 


Q: I have an old PFS unit how do I know if it is compatible with current parts or able to be serviced. 

A: If you're ever in doubt please feel free to give us a call to ensure compatability with current generations of PFS parts.