Complete PFS Stock with Polymer grip


For Explanation of options please read discription below, if unsure give us a call (828) - 693 - 3833

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*** NOTE: when placing your order, please use the order comments box to tell us the make, model, and rib configuration (low/flat, mid rib, adjustable, etc) of your gun. This helps us ensure you get the right PFS configuration for your needs. ***

Tired of recoil? Done with shooting discomfort? We have all been there. The Precision Fit Stock is a result of Vern Brown having been there and escaped! As seasoned shotgunners know, stock fit is the #1 factor in shooting comfort. The PFS provides the most fit flexibility of any stock system we are aware of. 

In addition to that, the PFS was designed from the ground-up around the most effective recoil reduction system we have yet encountered. Using a stack of approximately 550 Belleville washers, the recoil system converts a small, though not insignificant, percentage of recoil energy into heat; this energy never reaches the shooter's shoulder. There's gotta be a catch, right? Do not performance machines usually require the most maintenance? Not PFS! The Belleville washer recoil system is truly the closest thing to maintenance-free as any recoil system can be. There are no pneumatic seals to fail, and no hydraulic fluid to leak!
Between the incredible fit capability and recoil-absorption capacity, the Precision Fit Stock system is unparalleled in all of shooting sports.
If you do not see your gun's make/model in the dropdown menu, click HERE for wood grips. If in doubt, call us at 828-693-3833.
Notes on options:
Std Comb vs Ultimate Fit: choose Std Comb for flat rib guns. Some ramp-rib guns such as the Blaser F3 Vantage will work with the Ultimate Fit Comb for most shooters. Most any gun with an adjustable rib is compatible with the Ultimate Fit Comb. When in doubt, give us a phone call at 828-693-3833!
Standard weight vs Evo: Select the standard weight PFS if you don't mind adding a few ounces to the butt-end of your gun. Select the Evo to save some weight and look even cooler!
Std LOP vs long LOP: Most shooters are accommodated by the 15.25" max LOP of the standard PFS (depending upon make/model of gun). The Long LOP variation starts at approximately 15" LOP (with 1' Kickeez pad) and goes out to approximately 16.5"again, depending upon the make and model of the shotgun in question.
Recoil pads: Select the lightweight pad option (microcell material) for maximal weight savings on an Evo stock. Select the lightweight or Kickeez 1/2" pad for small-statured shooters who use a short LOP. Select the Modified Trap Pad if you require a lot of pitch and/or are prone to cheek slap. Select the Rocker Pad if you prefer this pad (you know who you are!). Everyone else, select the 1" (standard) or 5/8" Kickeez pad. If no pad is specified, the 1" Kickeez will be ship on your PFS as default.
Ultimate Balancer: Select the Ultimate Balancer if you want the absolute maximum possible recoil reduction. Using up to 4x tungsten weights of 1.5oz each, the UB's internal weight stack is suspended between springs and thus reduces recoil even further. Total weight of the UB, and thus gun balance, can be tuned by swapping out one or more tungsten weights for provided aluminum spacers. For reference, the empty UB weighs the same as the standard 4oz PFS weight.

Product Includes:

  • Pistol grip of your choice
  • All necessary mounting bolts
  • Tool Kit
  • T-Handle
  • Pitch spacers